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    two japanese men walk into a bar. the first japanese man says “i am japanese!” the second japanese man says “i am also japanese!” the bartender then says “well, hey. i’m japanese too”.

    the bar was in japan.

    must be why everyone is speaking in english

    this is a dubbed text post

    the manga was better

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    it’s been like six years and i’m still not over the last five minutes of dr. horrible

    really? because I didn’t feelimage

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    Sir James Paul MehCartney

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  9. Maisie Williams: I could learn a thing or two from Arya [x]

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    petition for disney to make a whole new channel dedicated to old shows

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    #these two built the greatest meth empire in the country

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    New York City   1983

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    My respect level for T-Pain is out the roof right now.


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    So my new store is officially up and running, and I’m really excited to share it with you guys! SNUG BOX is a service that delivers personalized care packages right to your door. The goal: one happier you!

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    What will you find in your SNUG BOX?

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